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 Basics Monitors
ViewSonic VX912
Ameya Dalvi Email Print
May 04, 2005
Big screen, 8 ms response time, excellent color reproduction, sharp display, good brightness and contrast, elegant looks
Minor color registration issue, expensive
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Most of my friends tell me that I have got a cool job and I seldom deny. But this cool job has its own set of cons. At times the very things that make it cool, feature in the con list. One such thing being the exposure to these cool gadgets and peripherals. Take for instance the LCD screens that keep making their way to my desktop every alternate week. It doesn't take too long for one to get hooked on to these beauties. But when they go away to where they came from, I have to return with a heavy heart to the old CRT and then even the output at 85 Hz seems to flicker, even though it doesn't.

Till last week, the only transition I had to make was from the sleek and flicker free LCD screen to my CRT monitor more or less of the same size. Now things seem to have gone worse. Not only do I have a LCD to contend with but also a huge screen size to boot. But wait a second. Why on earth would I want to waste my time getting depressed about the fact that it has to go away someday? Rather, I would enjoy every little moment I get to gaze at this sexy 19-inch LCD from ViewSonic.

The VX912 is yet another classy looking ViewSonic LCD. I am growing increasingly fond of they their dual tone Black and Silver styling. It looks too elegant. As I mentioned, the screen size is 19 inches and supports a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels at 32-bit color depth. The dot pitch measures 0.294 mm. Just like the VA712 model we reviewed last week, even this monitor has a response time of 8 ms which translates into better picture quality and minimal ghosting effect. Its brightness level of 270 cd/m2 may not seem as high as that of the 17" model mentioned above but is sufficiently bright. The contrast ratio is better than that the 17 incher though. It stands at 550:1. However during actual usage, these figures didn't seem to make much of a difference. The display was bright enough and the contrast was very good. It has a horizontal view angle of 140 degrees and 135 degrees for vertical. The frequency range supported by this model is 24 KHz to 82 KHz (Horizontal) and 50 Hz to 85 Hz (vertical).

We tested this LCD using DisplayMate to get a bearing on how well it performs when put through various test patterns. DisplayMate first lets you tune a monitor to get the best possible display settings and then runs it through a series of test patterns to test everything from color, brightness and contrast to screen geometry. The test resolution was set to 1280x1024.

At first, I connected the LCD to the standard VGA-out connector of my graphics card. The output wasn't all that sharp, in fact, it was a touch blurred. Along with the standard VGA connector, this monitor also had a DVI input. So I chose to make use of the same. When I switched over to the DVI port on my AGP card, the display was absolutely sharp and clear. So before you choose to buy this LCD, make sure your display card has a DVI output.

The performance of all the Viewsonic LCDs that we have tested has been very impressive and this wasn't any different. The brightness and contrast levels were perfectly fine and the color reproduction was excellent. There was absolutely no bleeding of colors and every color and its shades were reproduced perfectly. The screen geometry was perfect too, which is often the case with most LCDs. The picture sharpness was more than satisfactory. Like in case of the other ViewSonic LCDs, there was a slight mismatch of color in the Horizontal Color Registration test. Also, there was one dead pixel on the screen. Now that may be a problem specific to this particular piece but it is advisable to take a quick bright screen test and check for dead pixels before you buy an LCD.

The ViewSonic VX912 is available for a street price of Rs. 28,999 with a 3-year warranty. Now, that is a full 11,000 Rupees more expensive than its 17" counterpart that we tested last week. That is too much of a premium to pay for the additional couple of inches and not to forget that this monitor supports the same maximum resolution and response time as the VA712. I certainly wouldn't be too tempted to buy this LCD at that price. I would rather go for the VA712 and would advise you to do the same.

Test Unit sourced from: Roop Technologies, Mumbai.
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Got the Viewsonic VX912 from Singapore in February 2005 for S$669 = Rs. 18000 (approx). Could not hand carry it, as the airline refused! Luckily the packing is rock solid and it survived a Singapore-Malaysia-Mumbai flight as cargo. Arguments at Mumbai customs even though it was under my Rs. 25,000 allowance and all this coz the god-knows-how-old customs manual lists a 15 inch LCD panel costs Rs. 25,000/-. So, according to Mr. Customs guy in starched white clothing... "How could a 19 inch LCD be only Rs. 18000" (I showed him the bill) 15 minutes of arguments resulted in me getting the better of him and home with my brand spanking new LCD. It is KICKASS to say the least. The review here by Ameya lists the VX 912 has an 8ms response time (so does the viewsonic website). When I got it the website said it has a 12 ms response. My user manual lists it as 12 ms too. So I wonder whether Viewsonic upgraded the VX912 or made a mistake mentioning it earlier. hmmmmm. This LCD is worth every penny and great for gaming/video etc.

by Vishal from Pune on 07/05/05 12:59 PM
there is a sweet deal out there for Dell 17" for 12,500 (if u can find 20 buyers) viewsonic is 9500 for 10 for a 15"

by skinny from mum on 05/05/05 09:26 PM
r u serious ...plz give details...
by Ankit from mumbai on 06/05/05 11:32 PM
hi man, itz great deal if thats the thing dfntly i am intrested in buying, and give some more details of warranty and bill, waiting for u r quick replay
by k.ravi from bangalore on 07/05/05 02:06 PM
i have this monitor but i got it for 20000 rupees in the UK, it is a great monitor, great for gaming especially.

by LAKN from London on 05/05/05 03:33 PM
19" at under 30,000/- come on guys this was unheard off till 2 months ago...... The monitor is excellent..price as compared to other companies selling 19" in India is fantastic. Would be even better if it came down to the low 20k.

by Vivek Punjabi from Mumbai on 05/05/05 09:27 AM
When is VIEWSONIC launching their Extreme series models like VX724 with response time of 4 ms at more modest & reasonable pricing ?

by Manoj Kumar Mech from Bongaigaon, Assam on 05/05/05 07:02 AM
Very good lcd! only setback is its price!!!! its selling abroad at roughly 16000 bucks

by Hari from TCR on 04/05/05 08:16 PM
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