ViewSonic is Leading the Industry to Challenge the Sense of Human Eye Sight

Pioneering in 8 Milliseconds LCD, the No.1 Speed Worldwide!!

Taiwan, August 26, 2004 ˇV After successfully creating the hype of 19ˇ¨ LCD displays in the industry, ViewSonic Corporation, a worldwide Visual Technologies leader in new style of digital entertainment, is about to drive another excitement to the industry by announcing the arrival of ˇ§8 milliseconds LCD displaysˇ¨!  In order to meet the current consumersˇ¦ need in LCD display market, i.e. large display and speed efficiency in response time, ViewSonic is using its leading industrial technologies to create a breakthrough in LCD panel by introducing the first 17ˇ¨ LCD display with the worldˇ¦s fastest ever response time of 8 milliseconds.  This invention is not only about speed excitement, emphasis is also placed on the design outlook and mechanical construction to complement the product in style and practicability.  With this great invention, ViewSonic will drive the worldˇ¦s market into the trend of 8 milliseconds predictably.

ˇ§Being the worldˇ¦s renowned LCD brand, ViewSonic is always introducing the latest visual technological products to its valued consumers.  Large display and speed efficiency in response time are the two main criteria in designing LCD displays and against these two criteria, the top notch technical team of ViewSonic research centre had invented the 8 milliseconds LCD display.  The speed of this response time is even surpassing the human sight sense at the speed limit of 10 milliseconds and it will be seen as a great breakthrough in the history of LCD display.  It is believed that this stunning record could not be easily outshined in the very near future.ˇ¨ said Mr Alan Chang, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ViewSonic Asia Pacific.  The ViewSonic 8 milliseconds LCD will be introduced in the United States and Taiwan at the same time, consumers in Asia Pacific ( include Australia, North East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, South Africa etc) are able to enjoy this visual experience without any intervals!

The worldˇ¦s pioneer 17ˇ¨ with 8 milliseconds LCD of ViewSonic is invented based on two technology breakthroughs in the panel.  The first breakthrough comes from the concept of reducing the adhesiveness of the liquid crystals as this will reduce the rotating speed hindrance of liquid crystals and thereby significantly advancing the response time.  Another breakthrough comes from the modification of display panel, i.e. reducing the distance level of cell gap of liquid crystal panel and enhancing the electric current in the panel to increase the rotating speed of liquid crystals.  The result of 8 milliseconds can be clearly identified through the substantial reduction of image flickers and enhancement of smoothness in any visual presentations.

The ViewSonic 17ˇ¨ LCD with 8 milliseconds response time is specifically catered for audio visual enthusiasts, regardless whether they are multimedia / graphic design professionals or 3D computer game specialists, or DVD fan.  They are about to enjoy the brand new visual experience of speed excitement and perfect imaging presentations.  As for the outlook design, this 17ˇ¨ LCD with 8 milliseconds crafts the European classical design of ViewSonic VP series and comes with a color choice of black and silver at the earlier market introduction period.  The ViewSonic 17ˇ¨ LCD with 8 milliseconds will be introduced in Q4 of 2004 and is recommended to your country.